(Yahoo!) - Not since preteen metal band Light of Doom's awesome audition, on Fox's little-seen talent show "The Next Great American Band" in 2007, have childhood headbanging and reality television come together in such an all-out rawkin' way as they did this week on "America's Got Talent."

Yes, rock 'n' roll is not dead, people...and a misleadingly adorable pair of school-age metalheads are here to save it for the next generation.

Tuesday night on "AGT," rock tots Aaralyn (age 6) and Izzy (age 9; no relation to GNR's original axeman, but clearly a kindred spirit) auditioned with an original song. A death-metal song. A death-metal song called "Zombie Skin." Yes, this was amazing as it sounds.

And it sounds LOUD:

Howard Stern of course loved it…although he did try to stop the duo's audition with his red X button, only out of fear that Aaralyn would destroy her throat with the kind of screaming not even heard from the most overactive, tantrum-throwing toddlers. Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown, however, was very scared, and she said no. Apparently elementary-school death metal isn't what Mel B wants, what she really really wants.

Thankfully, though, Aaralyn and Izzy made it through to Las Vegas...which means we'll get to hear their original "Lullaby Crash" blitzkrieg kidz-bop in the next round! ROCK!!!