A Man Is Suing a Pizza Place Because the Employees Beat Him Up When He Tried to Rob It


He also says the police were too rough with him when they arrested him and used stun guns on him.He's seeking a total of $260,000 from the employees, the pizzeria, and the cops.






A Postal Worker Who's an Amateur Bikini Model Destroyed a Hair Salon For Botching Her Hairdo



She started screaming at everyone, smashing beauty products, and throwing chairs, hair dryers, and other beauty products around.And she was in her post office uniform the whole time.







A Drunk Woman Doesn't Like the Cop Who Kicked Her Out of the House of Blues . . . So She Calls 911 to Request a Different Cop



So . . . she called 911 and requested that they send over a NEW cop to handle the situation.When they didn't, she called 911 AGAIN to request a new cop . . . then again, and again.She ended up calling 911 four times in 30 minutes.