The Sexts You Get Are Full of Lies



And in another study, researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada found that both men and women are good at telling when the other person is FAKING IT.










The Top 10 Habits and Routines People Are Least Likely to Change




A new survey found 74% of people have at least some habits they just can't break.













The 10 Best and Worst Jobs For 2014




A website called CareerCast just came out with a list of the best and worst jobs for 2014











A Man Is Arrested For a Producing a "Large Quantity of Fecal Matter" Just Outside a Hotel Lobby Bathroom




31-year-old Ronnie Lee Warfield of Charleston, South Carolina is making national news . . . because he JUST couldn't make it six more steps to a toilet.











A Male Cop Goes Undercover as an Amish Woman to Catch a Guy Exposing Himself




The police have a theory about who's doing it .......











A Guy Busted for Drugs Showed Up to Court in a Stolen Car, with More Drugs




His 45-year-old wife was arrested too.Although she claims she didn't know the car was stolen .......













Six Things You Think Are Filthy That Aren't




Here's some good news.There's a bunch of stuff you've always considered to be cesspools of FILTH that actually don't have very many germs at all.Here are six things that made the list . . .