During my Canadian vacation, I spent some time on the water.


including...Whitewater Rafting.


That's me with the camera on my head. I picked up a GoPro camera...here's a sample of what I shot.


Pretty cool, huh?

The rapids were only Class II & III, so they weren't too bad.


Here's another video...this time, the guide had us do some spinning.



I also went on a trip, where we just floated down a river...

We weren't supposed to get wet, but we did....from Rain.

Though, it was mostly relaxing...here's a video...


One of the things the guide said was that the water we were floating on...was just 20 hours old...20 hours ago it was part of the glacier "Ehe". (He said "ehe" after every sentence...it was fun)


My brother & I also went canoeing on a lake.

I love the color of the water there.

Here's a couple of videos.


If you wondering, the water is VERY cold.  We would put the metal paddles into the water to see how deep it was, and when we took them out, they were VERY cold to the touch.


I did walk in some of the water, but it was WAY to cold to go swimming


I've have more stories/pics/videos tomorrow.