As I mentioned yesterday, I went to Las Vegas for vacation last week.

I did a bunch of different things, but today I have some stories of some of the drinking I did.

I was in Vegas for St. Patrick's day, so my brother & I went down to both the Irish bars on the strip.  On the way, I we grabbed a Guinness for a "walking beer".

Our 1st stop was the Nine Fine Irishmen at New York New York. the bar itself had live music, that wasn't playing irish music...which was odd. But, because it was St. Patrick's day, they had a special stage set up outside.

There we saw a U2 coverband.

They were pretty good, we listened for about 45 minutes, and continued on to the other irish bar on the strip...Ri Ra by Mandalay Bay.

Outside the bar, was an Irish dancer, dancing for tips.

I gave her a couple of bucks.

Inside, was a band from Ireland playing traditional irish music...including "Whiskey in the Jar". (which has been covered by Thin Lizzy & Metallica)

Of course...we also had a couple of Irish Beers.

several...actually.   We stayed there for most the night, before walking back to our hotel (stopping by the Nine Fine Irishmen to check out some more irish music on the way).

That was a fun night.

During the vacation, we also hit a couple of brewpubs in the Vegas area.

That's a beer called "Leg Lifter".   Being that their mascot is a dog, and the beer was yellow, I was nervous, but it actually was quite good.

We also hit the brewpub in Downtown Vegas (triple 7 brewery) there I got a sampler.

In general, i get samplers that way I get to try a bunch of different beers, without the cost (monetary or hangover)

Though, beer wasn't my only beverage choice in Vegas.  Being a big Sammy Hagar fan, I had to go to the Cabo Wabo Cantina for a Margarita.

Which was quite tasty.

For lunch one day, we went to The Harley Davidson restaurant.

I wanted a souvenir, so I ordered a shot (in which I got to keep the shot glass). I also ordered a beer....which I later found out, got to keep THAT glass too.

Good food at the Harley Davidson place...and of course great music. (I got to hear some Stevie Ray Vaughan during my meal).

While we were downtown Vegas, we walked all along Freemont street to "The D" which I had heard was a casino about Detroit. (being from Michigan, I had to check that out)...

sadly I saw nothing about Detroit in "The D". Just another casino.

Another place we had a beer, was O'sheas on the Strip, though it wasn't the O'sheas I remembered.

They had taken down O'sheas & The Imperial Palace....and now set up an area called "The Quad".  It's got a small area for O'Shea's (including beer pong) as well as a new hotel, shopping area and a huge ferris wheel (seen from most places on the strip).

That was my most expensive beer in Vegas....O'shea's charged me $11 for that irish beer. OUCH!

All and all it's a fun place to visit...though the drinks can be expensive.

Tomorrow, I'll blog about some of the "hidden" things I did in Vegas.


(That's the view from my hotel room...not bad huh?)