Yes, I did some gambling in Las Vegas, but there are a bunch of other things to do...and here's some of the things I did in Vegas last week.

I visited the Pinball Hall of Fame

I don't think there's anything official about it, but they did have a bunch of pinball machines, from all kinds of eras.

For Rock & Roll, they had AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Metallica & Ted Nugent pinball machines....surprising to me, no WHO pinball machines. I attempted to play the Ted Nugent pinball machine 

but it stole my quarter....UGH! 

a nice place to visit, if you like Pinball machines (like me).


We also went to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory & Cactus Garden.

Unfortunately, they weren't making chocolate at the time, but since it was free we still walked through the tour area...and the cactus garden.

The garden was pretty huge, bigger than the cactus garden I've been to in Austin.

and it was a nice day...

Another place to visit, if you watch the History Channel, is the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop...which is the location for the reality show "Pawn Stars.

We got there in the morning, so there wasn't a line to get in, but when we left there was.

Inside the store was smaller than I pictured it from watching the show.

But...still some cool stuff...including this guitar.

Signed by BB King, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Matthews, Billy F Gibbons, Sting, James Taylor, Joe Walsh, Mick Fleetwood, Jimmy Vaughan, Robert Plant, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Buddy Guy, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, Joe Perry, Neil Young, Keith Richard, Eric Clapton & Bo Diddley.

Pretty impressive huh?    the Price...$9,000.   no...I didn't attempt to buy it.

Nor, did I attempt to buy the Proton pack, despite being a Ghostbusters fan.

Another place we went to was the Natural History Museum. When I visit a town, I generally like to visit the Natural history Museum.

It was kinda of small, but did have some dinosaurs.

In fact, if you pushed the button, the T-rex roared....scary huh?

Another thing, some find the roller coaster at New York New York.

My brother and I rode it...and bought the photo.

Yep...sometimes I can be real tourist.


Tomorrow, I'll have some of the NATURE type stuff we did in Vegas.

Also, on the show...I'll have Sherwood Forest Faire tickets to giveaway