Diver Spots Human-Sized Jellyfish Off The Coast Of England

A presenter on BBC Earth was shocked when she encountered a massive jellyfish while diving off the south-western coast of England. Biologist Lizzie Daly was exploring the waters as part of "Wild Ocean Week" when she swam up to a barrel jellyfish that was larger than her.

"What an unforgettable experience, I know barrel jellyfish get really big in size, but I have never seen anything like it before," Daly wrote on Instagram.

Barrel jellyfish usually grow to be about three feet and weigh around 55 pounds. They tend to wash up on shore during the summer months, but it was rare to see one that is over six feet tall.

Daly started "Wild Ocean Week" to help raise money for the Marine Conservation Society. She began circumnavigating the United Kingdom on July 7th to showcase the marine life that lives off the coast. She has been documenting her travels on Instagram, which included seal diving and swimming with blue sharks.

"I get really excited at the thought of boasting about our wonderfully wild coasts and so this July I am embarking on my very own marine adventure #WildOceanWeek," Daly said. "I want to bring the audience on the journey with me so I will be uploading videos and updates live as it happens throughout the week. Diving with seals, swimming with blue sharks and generally celebrating our coasts #WildOceanWeek is about showcasing how you can immerse yourself with diverse wildlife right on your doorstep and most importantly, supporting those on the forefront of conserving our marine environments."