24th Annual Food for Families Food Drive

The 24th Annual Food for Families Food Drive is Wednesday, December 4th from 5am-7pm at the Brazos Center. 

They also have 5 other locations, Kimbro Center in Madisonville, Mid-South Synergy Office in Navasota, St. Mary’s Parish Gym in Caldwell, Navasota Valley Electric Coop in Franklin and The Hearne Railroad Depot in Hearne. 

These locations will be open from 6am-7pm. All proceeds benefit the Brazos Valley Food Bank.     


Please Remember, Non-perishables only! No homemade or perishable items will be accepted.

Beans (canned or dried) Vegetables (canned) Canned Meats

Cereal (family size) Cereal (individual size) Cereal Bars

Chili Coffee Diapers (child & adult)

Flour Fruits (canned) Mac n’ Cheese

Fruit cups (shelf stable) Granola Bars Jam/Jelly

Juice Boxes (individual size) Ketchup & Mustard Vienna Sausages (poptop)

Oatmeal Paper Towel Peanut Butter

Pudding (shelf stable) Rice Ravioli

Pasta Sugar Soup (regular and pop top)

Toilet Paper Tuna (regular and pop top) Tuna/Chicken Salad kits

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