Bryan High School Fine Arts presents These Shining Lives

The Bryan High Fine Arts Department will be performing These Shining Lives on the following nights in the Black Box (off Barack Lane) on the Bryan High School Campus, 3450 S. Campus Dr.

Tickets will be $15.00 and must be purchased ahead of time at .

Thursday, September 23rd – 7 pm

Saturday, September 25th – 2 pm and 7 pm

Thursday, September 30th – 7pm

Friday, October 1st – 7 pm

Saturday, October 2nd – 7 pm

These Shining Lives is the story of Catherine Donohue and the Radium Girls of the 1920s and 30s. Thrilled for the chance to work, the women share their lives while painting the hour markings onto different sized watch dials using a radium compound which glows in the dark. Radium Dial, the company, tells them that there is no evidence that radium is harmful, and even that it has health benefits. However, after a while the workers notice that their hands start glowing in the dark and become sick, slowly being let go from the company for “poor performance”. In These Shining Lives, Catherine and her friends choose to take a stand and fight the company, putting their reputations at risk even though their lives are already on the line. Truth and justice are worth the risk.

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