Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce 2022 Tour With Hilarious Video

Red Hot Chili Peppers are hitting the road next summer, and they announced the news in the most hilarious way. The band members channeled their inner anchorman to film a video from the KHOT News Room. Singer Anthony Kiedis stars as news anchor Johnson Hammerswaddle, with Flea playing his co-anchor Todd the Squirrel.

After discussing important news topics like celebrities showing their “buttocks” and picking their noses, the price of beer nuts, new chicken sandwiches and the fact that “half of humanity will boil alive by next Thursday," they introduced their guest, John Frusciante, who recently reunited with the band.

When Todd the Squirrel asks if “you and the fellas” are planning to play live shows any time soon, the guitarist reveals RHCP has booked a global tour that begins June 2022. The anchors can't contain themselves and begin jumping and rolling around the newsroom before disappearing entirely.

Weatherman Randy Raindrops (played by drummer Chad Smith) sits next to Frusciante. “I love your type of rock music. It’s wonderful. I listen to it all the time at home with my cats," he gushes before his colleagues return.

The global tour kicks off June 2022 with a U.S. leg slated for July. Exact dates have yet to revealed.

Watch the entertaining video above.

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