Youth Football Coach Accused Of Punching Opposing Player

Yard Lines on Football Field

Photo: Getty Images

A California youth football coach has been suspended amid allegations that he punched an opposing player after a game that took place this past weekend.

Video footage obtained by ABC 7 shows the alleged incident took place minutes after the conclusion of the game between the Murrieta Broncos and the Perris Panthers at Vista Murrieta High School on Saturday (September 23) afternoon. Neenah Kaowii told the news station that her son, Harlem, 14, was blindsided when he was hit by a punch thrown by a Murrieta coach, later identified as Eibylardo Funes, 50, which resulted in a concussion and seizure.

"The coach comes running with like two other players, and right in front of me, he hits Harlem," Kaowii said via ABC 7. "He goes unconscious for like two minutes and as he's waking up, as he ... looks like he's trying to wake up, he's trying to open his eyes ... he goes into a full seizure mode."

Funes was arrested and charged with battery and willfully harming a child in relation to the incident before later posting bail. The commissioner for the Murrieta Broncos later announced that Funes was suspended and banned from coaching in the league, referring to the incident as "unfortunate" and "disheartening" in a post shared on the league's Facebook page via ABC 7.

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