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Day trip to Lockhart

On Saturday, I took a day trip to Lockhart Texas.

I've been wanting to explore areas I haven't been to yet.   I started out visiting Lockhart State Park.

I ended up hiking 4 1/2 miles around the whole park.    The interesting thing about the park, is that there's a 9 hole golf course in the middle of the state park.

I haven't played golf in many years, but I did  find a DISC Golf Course in Lockhart, which I decided to play.

It's a short 9-hole course, but lots of trees.   Even still, I ended up shooting par.

The MAIN attraction of Lockhart for most people is the BBQ.  In fact, it's the "BBQ Capitol of Texas".

Some people do a BBQ crawl with the 4 big BBQ joints.  I only wanted to hit 1 of them, so I went to the oldest BBQ joint in Texas.

I got there around 1pm, and the line was still out the door.  It ended up being about a 25 minute wait, but the food was WELL worth the wait.

I got the brisket, a sausage ring, cornbread and iced tea.   The meat was excellent.  It may have been the best tasting sausage I have ever had.   The brisket was tasty too, and I split eating it with and w/o their own bbq sauce. 

If you like BBQ, I'd highly recommend it!     By the way the other 3 BBQ joints in town, Smittys, Chisolm Trail BBQ, and the Kreutz. 

It's just under a 2 hour drive there, which is why I wanted to do MORE than just hit the BBQ joint.


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