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Pics/Stories from my Vacation

I've mentioned that this past weekend, I took a few days to visit my brother in Michigan.  I was hoping for some snow, but the 1st full day I was there, it was in the 60s.   But I did get to play some disc golf. though we still would have played had there been snow on the ground.

Actually...the next day we did play in the snow...sort of.  There was a dusting of snow.   I found the most amount of snow on the ground and took this picture.

That course was next to a river....in fact there was one point where a creek flowed into the river and created quite the interesting effect.

The clean water from the creek running into the muddy water of the river. 

I mentioned in yesterday's blog that we went to several brewpubs.  One of which, was a former church in the town I grew up in.

I got a sampler there....

At another brewpub, we got an appetizer of "Poutine"    It's something I first ran into a few years ago in Canada.   It looks weird, but tastes Good.   French Fries with brown Gravy, pork,  cheese & and a fried Egg.

Crazy looking huH?

Since there wasn't any snow on the ground during my visit, we couldn't go sledding, like I had hoped....so I found something else to do....an Escape Room.

If you haven't heard about it, your group (and possibly more people) are put into a room, and you have to solve various puzzles in order to escape.

I liked the candy they available before you went into the room.

We weren't able to get out in the allotted 60 minutes, so I grabbed a Dum Dum. 

We were close...we were off by 1 digit in the code to unlock the door....the reason we were off, is that someone from the other group, failed to get all the number of keys out of the burlap bag.

It was fun nonetheless, and I'd recommend it for those who like puzzles.

A fun trip overall for me. 


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