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Played in a disc golf tournament over the weekend

On Saturday, I played in a disc golf tournament in College Station.  It was 2-disc challenge.

For 20 bucks (or more depending on what discs you got), you got 2 discs, and then had to play 18 holes with JUST those 2 discs.

FYI, just like golf there are different discs for different situations, so playing with just 2 was interesting. (Normally I play with 4 different ones).

I showed up by myself to play, so I had to wait till another person showed up to play my round.

Thankfully, BJ showed up.  It was great playing with him, because he was ALOT more experienced than I was, and he gave me some great tips.

He kicked my butt, but I had fun.    

If you haven't heard of disc golf.  It's like regular golf, but you throw a frisbee-like thing (discs) to a basket with chains on it.   You count the number of throws as strokes for the hole.

There are at least 5 courses in town. http://dgcoursereview.com/  is a website I go to for info

Most courses are free to play, you just need the discs.    You can get discs at the Walmart in College Station, or Academy, and they run from 8-20 dollars, pending on what style you get.

If you'd like to learn more about Disc golf, just shoot me an email   KCWheeler@995TheFox.com 


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