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K.C. Wheeler

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My trip out of town...

On Saturday, I took a trip out of town to do some hiking at Colorado Bend State Park.

On my way there, my drive was full of love bugs....which decided to forfeit their lives by hitting my car.

The first hike I did, was to an overlook of the Colorado River.

Then, I went to the MAIN attraction of the park...Gorman Falls.

Note that is just PART of the falls. The Falls are so popular, that they sometimes CLOSE the park because there isn't anywhere to park. Overall, I hiked for about 6 1/2 miles according to my App. 

Also, while driving around the park, I saw some wildlife.

The deer was actually in the road, but thankfully left before my car got there.  I rolled down my passenger window, and took a zoomed picture.

On my drive back to B/CS, I decided to hit a brewery I had never been to before.

As per usual, I got a sampler.

My two favorite beers from them, were the Coffee lager (yes...it tasted a bit like coffee) and the "Creek Don't Rise" Lager.   

A fun trip out of town.


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