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Took a Daytrip to do some Kayaking!

On Saturday, I took a daytrip to Fort Parker State Park to do some kayaking. (It's about 90 minutes North East of B/CS).

I rented a kayak for 15 bucks, and paddled on the lake, and into the Navasota River.

While paddling, I saw several animals....a Turkey Vulture, the Great Blue Heron, a raccoon, and this guy sitting on a log

The 1st time I passed that log, I just thought it was a stripy log....nope...a snake.

thankfully he stayed on the log, though it did get me wondering HOW he got there.

The creatures I saw the most of, where Turtles.

They liked to sit on the logs out in the river sunning themselves.  Unfortunately, once they saw me they dove back into the water.

It was a fun experience.   While out of town, I decided to find some local BBQ.   The ranger at the state park recommended this place.

They had a framed award for Best BBQ of the county.  I got some brisket, and it was good.

All and all it was good trip...and I was back in B/CS a couple hours before dinner. I've been trying to take these types of trips once a month.   

If you have any recommendations, email me  KCWheeler@995thefox.com


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