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Pics from my vacation to Yellowstone

Last week, I wasn't on the air because my family had a reunion in Yellowstone National Park, the 1st national park.

The main thing most people know about Yellowstone, is Old Faithful.  It's a geyser that goes off every copy of hours, and is pretty consistent.

Here's a pic that my niece took, when there was a rainbow at the same time as the geyser eruption.

I was on the other side of the geyser, so the rainbow was behind me, but my niece got a great picture.

Yellowstone is interesting because there are several different types of things to see throughout the park.

There are waterfalls

That's me and my brother at Fairy Falls

There are geysers, that erupt like Old Faithful, and some that just smoke...like these

There's interesting colored pools.....this one is the largest called "Prasmatic Spring"

See all the people on the boardwalk??

And there's the "Grand Canyon" of Yellowstone.

Of course...I like waterfalls, so we hiked to several of those..

It's an amazing place.  It can get very crowded though.  When we were looking for parking spots at some of the trail heads, it was like looking for a spot on campus...you HUNT for a spot.   And to get pictures with nobody in them, or just the people you want can be a challenge.  But it's a beautiful place.

I'll share some other stories/pics from my trip tomorrow.


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