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Animals I saw in Yellowstone!

One of the cool things about Yellowstone National Park, is that fact that you can see several different animals in the park.

Everyday we'd see at least 3 different types of animals.

That's an antelope

The biggest group of animals we saw were the Bison.

One time, we were on a 2-lane bridge, and a bison was leading cars down the lane towards us. We stopped, like all the other cars, and had to wait for it to pass us.  I was sitting in the passenger seat, so I didn't get a good picture.

The NEGATIVE about the wild animals, is that they can cause traffic jams.   We would often be able to guess what animal it was, by the size of the backup of cars.  

Seeing a bunch of cars in a parking lot, DID help us to see a couple of bears.

As we were driving by, we saw cars parked everywhere, and people looking off to the right. So my brother got out to see what it was....it was a Mama bear and her cub. We watched them for quite awhile. Thankfully, they were down a steep hill from our vantage point.

We also saw smaller animals....we saw this snake by a hot spring on Lake Yellowstone

And...often we would see crows in the parking lots. 

I would think of Game of thrones every time I saw a crow.

One animal I didn't get to see, but my niece did....was the namesake of 99.5 FM....a Fox.

I was hiking a waterfall trail, when my niece got that picture. Needless to say I was jealous.

tomorrow I'll have more on my Yellowstone vacation.


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