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Fun from my Vacation!

When I go on vacation, I always look for brewpubs to try.  One, they usually have really good food, and secondly I like to try new beers.

Unfortunately, there aren't any breweries in or next to Yellowstone, so I went to a couple near the airport I flew into.

The first one was MAP Brewing. 

I chose that one because of it's beautiful location, and the fact that one of the brewers started his love for beer on Northgate here in CS!  They had an interesting policy....once you bought a beer you were given a beer card with a box checked off.    Apparently, once you got all 3 boxes checked off you were cut off!   

And the day before I flew back to Texas, I went to the Madison River Brewing Company. 

It was only a mile from the airport, so it made sense to try that brewery out.  I was able to order a sampler there.

Another thing I like to look for on vacation is various adventure tours.  

I was able to go WhiteWater Rafting on the Yellowstone River.

I'm the one with a GoPro on his head!

and Ziplining just 5 miles outside the park.

The crazy thing about Ziplining, is that I've done 4-5 different ziplines, and all of them are different. 

The sitting apparatus changes....also the END of the zipline was different.  The guide had to get on a ladder each time to pull you in.     Other's, I've slid on my butt at the landing.   

Still...it's lots of fun!

Thanks for checking on my blog!


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