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Took a DayTrip on Saturday

As the Beatles say, I was a Daytripper on Saturday.   I went down to Tomball to the Tejas Chocolate Craftory, which is a BBQ & Chocolate place.    

In fact, Texas Monthly listed it in their top 10 BBQ joints in the state.

I got there right as it opened, 11am.  And the line was already out to the street.  In fact, the line didn't move much, in 30 minutes I moved 1 foot.  Since they didn't want the door open all the time (letting the AC out), they had a doorman, which would let people in, when the line inside got short enough.

The things that had available for people waiting outside was cool. They had a bunch of umbrellas leaning on a sign, that people could borrow to shade themselves from the sun as they waited.  ALSO a tequila company from Austin was set up outside giving away free samples of their tequilas in the form of margaritas! 

Thankfully for me, the next 45 minutes the line moved alot quicker.  In the end I waited about 1 hr 10 minutes to get inside the building.   

Once inside, you pass by the chocolate counter, where they make their own truffles.

Then you get to order your BBQ.  As per usual, I ordered brisket and sausage.

The brisket was VERY Tasty, and the sausage was good too!  I can see why they were listed top 10 in the state.  Oh by the way, the meat they use came from Readfield meats here in Bryan.

The BBQ Sauce was also quite good...it had a sweet foretaste, but had a bit of spiciness on the back end.

On the way back to B/CS, I stopped by the Lone Pint Brewery for a sampling.

For $10 you got to keep the pint glass and get it filled up 3 times with whatever beer you choose.

I went for their Nitro Gentlemen Relish.  I tend to get the Nitro's because they seem to make the beer smoother.

They did a brewery tour, but I decided to pass, as I've been on several brewery tours before.

They had an Open Mike night on their outdoor patio area.  I heard various covers of classic rock songs, from STP to Journey to "Ghostriders in the Sky".  

All and all a fun daytrip out of town!


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