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My trip to Key Largo

A week ago, my brother & I were in Key Largo for a scuba diving trip.   My thoughts are with those in Florida, human and fish, as Hurricane Irma heads their way. 

My brother and I did 8 dives total, and it was on the very last dive, that I saw the creature I wanted to see the most.

I've got a sea turtle sticker on my car, so I was quite happy to see that guy.

Here's some of the other fish we saw.

(That's my brother swimming around a Nurse Shark)

(It's eerie how the sting ray swims)

(When my brother and I see a fish, we try to use hand signals to indicate what it was....my brother rubbed his belly to indicate the fish above....as he had GROUPER for dinner the night before)

(Every time I see one of those fish, the Heart song "Barracuda" plays in my head)

just a sample of the fish we saw.   Of course after a day of diving, we went out to celebrate the fish we saw.

That was at a restaurant right next to one of the dive shops we used.

We had an afternoon where we couldn't go scuba diving (you can't dive withing 24 hours of flying), so we went to a brewery....the Islamorada Brewing company, where I got a sampler.

On the wall, they have various stickers....and the one in the middle caught my attention.

All and all a fun trip to the Florida Keys.  I hope to do it again next year....IRMA please don't hurt the Keys!


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