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I made a 100ft Putt!

I went out to play some disc golf yesterday afternoon at Research Park.  I ended up shooting 2 under (4 birdies/2 bogeys).   I was happiest for this putt I made. I paced it out and it was about 35 paces, and since my stride is about 3 feet, I figured it was over a 100 ft putt.  It's been awhile since I made a shot from that far out.

For those who have never played disc golf, you basically throw the Disc toward the basket, and count the number of strokes it takes you to get there.  It's like golf, but ALOT less cheaper.  You really only need 1 disc, and you can get them locally at Walmart in College Station or Academy.  They run 10-20 dollars pending on what you get.   Like golf there are different discs for different shots.   But for the most part, you have to throw the disc a certain way to take full advantage of the differences.  

Once you have the disc, there are several courses in town that you can play for FREE!!!  Research park is the only 18 hole course in town. I'll play that on occasion, (because it's easier to lose a disc in the water). My favorite course is the one on Harvey road diagonally across the street from Ozona grill & Bar. It's a short 9 hole course. You cross the creek a couple of times, but usually even if you land in the creek, you can still get your disc with the help of a stick. (Although I did lose a disc there earlier this year)

I play disc golf as another form of exercise.   If you have any questions about it, send me an email.



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