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K.C. Wheeler

Hey It's K.C. I like Classic Rock and Beer. Join me weekdays from 6a-10am!Full Bio


RenFest recommendations

Listen for the next week or so around 7:30am to the show for your chance to win tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival via Rock & Roll Poetry.

When you go, here are some of the things I recommend seeing.

If you're bring the kids, I recommend the Arsene show. It's juggling/comedy that's safe for the family.

If you're NOT bringing the kids and you like adult humor, then I'd recommend Iris & Rose

Another place I like to stop by, is the Brigadoon Brewery.

It's  a brewery that brews the beer RIGHT THERE.  You can also take a tour of the brewery and they have beer classes too!

There are also several musical acts that I like to including the irish folk band Crannog (They do a good version of "Whiskey in the Jar")

Cast in Bronze is also interesting to see.  I like hearing "Tubular bells" & "Carol of the Bells"

If you like bagpipes, I'd also recommend Tartanic.  I've heard them do "We will rock you" and a "We're not gonna take it"

As for food, there's always the turkey leg, but I like the Prime Rib Sandwich found in one of the pubs near the entrance.

Another good plan....is to have a budget plan before you go.  As things can add up quickly out there.

Have a good one!


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