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My trip to a brewery & the GnR concert

On Friday night I went down to Houston to see the Guns and Roses concert.

 Before the concert I went to the eighth wonder brewery which is only a half mile away from the Toyota Center.  For $15 you got a pint glass would you could get filled with beer three times. 

I had the cream ale a red ale and a Vietnamese coffee Porter, which was my favorite.

 The brewery had a big space for people to hang out. Inside they had some former seats from the astrodome, outside was a big courtyard where you can play corn hole or stand next to this giant statue that looks like the Beatles

(here's a closer look)

 They also had a couple of food trucks where I was able to grab dinner before the concert.

While waiting in line to get into the concert I saw these people dressed up as Axl & Slash

 As for the concert itself the show was good not great but good .The reason it wasn’t great is because Axl Rose's voice sounded like he had been singing every night for year and a half...so it was a little  beat up.

 Everything else sounded really good. Slash tore it up. 

They perform 33  songs including Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Nighttrain, Knocking on Heaven's door, Live and let die and they had a special guest  for patience

Axl actually introduced the guy as an up and coming musician from Houston... Billy F Gibbons from ZZ Top.  

 All in all it was a good time as they performed over three hours.

Here's the point of view I had....

which was interesting, because I could see some of the backstage stuff...like Axl's "Changing Room", where he would put on different outfits.    Also...Axl's "Spit bucket".  Because his voice was so beat up, he was spitting alot...and he had a big bucket to spit in.  

Anyway...i've got jury duty this morning if you're wondering why I left early.  Hopefully it's only taking me off the air today.


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