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K.C. Wheeler

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

It was such a surprise to see the snow last night.  I didn't see it an any weather forecast, just happened to see it out the window.

Of course I had to take pictures and PLAY in the snow.

Early on, I attempted a snow angel.

About an hour later, my snow angel disappeared as the snow kept falling.

It was the fun type of snow....the kind that is easy to pack together...it also helped it accumulate.

I also went out to my car...and drew my name on the roof.

And...to show the accumulation, I put my dinosaur to give perspective. (Note that dinosaur has been everywhere with me...even to the bottom of the ocean)

It was also a fun drive into work this morning, seeing all the snow covered trees....and without the concern of slippery roads.

Hope you enjoyed the snow...it seems we only get it every other year.


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