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(KC) My travels over the long weekend

I took a couple of days off to head out to some state parks over the long weekend.

I rented a cabin just a couple of miles from Garner State Park. The area is known for tubing down the Frio, but not during December. (Temperatures were 32 degrees when I woke up).   The cool thing about the cabin, was that out the back was a view of a bluff and an area where wildlife would roam.

Each day I saw several deer....first it usually one...then a bunch of does (9-10)...then eventually the bucks would come down.

Also, there were wild turkeys running around occasionally.

It was fun to sit out back with a beverage watching the wildlife, AND enjoying the free wi-fi! HA!

Funny thing is that I stayed there because it was cheaper...had wifi...and was close to Garner State Park.

At Garner State Park, I hiked 9 miles on several different trails.   

Some of the more popular hikes that I did, was along the river (though it was low so I walked in it)

and the Crystal Cave.

The cave was only about 30 ft deep, and had graffiti all over it, but still to find a cave in the wild to go inside.

Garner State park also had it's own cool bluff.

The other state park I went to was Lost Maples. The Coolest thing there is the "Monkey Rock"

It's crazy how the formations can look like things.   At Lost Maples I did about 6 miles of hiking, which provided some nice views.

I also saw this bird sitting there....once I got too close he took off.

On my way OUT to the parks, and on the way back I stopped by breweries for lunch and a sampler.

I LOVE how they have a battarang in the sample from FreeTail Bat.

At Cibolo creek, they have an interesting policy....they DONT accept tips. The bartender told me that they have the "Tips" already in the price, which is why they are higher than most.  An interesting way to handle things....I'm glad he told me...as I left my "tip" on the bar.  

Anyway... a fun little trip out of town. 

hope you enjoyed the pics


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