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Bastrop Daytrip

On Saturday, since there weren't any football games, I decided to a take a day trip over to Bastrop.

I started out with a 4 1/2 mile hike in Bastrop State Park.  It's crazy how much damage the fire back in 2011 did.

I saw several charred trees, but thankfully some young pines too.

I did the hike around 9:30 in the morning, and there were LOTS of birds flying around the trail. I was able to get a picture of a couple of them.

All and all a fun hike, and good way to burn some calories...

Because after the hiking, I went for some BBQ.  It's right off of Hwy 21 on the way to Austin.   I got some brisket and sausage...and both were very good! 

I then went to another interesting place in Bastrop....

The Copper Shot Distillery.  Their location is in downtown Bastrop overlooking the Colorado River. They just opened up last year, but seemed to be doing very well.

I was able to get a Sampler of their beverages.

I got 4 samples, and was able to choose which 4 I wanted to try. I tried the Moonshine, the Honey Moonshine, the whiskey and a creation of their own called "The Godfather"(which was their pecan moonshine combined with infused amaretto).

The owner happened to be the one who served my sampler, and he told me how he made some of his beverages. In face, he even invited me back to look a the copper still and have a taste RIGHT from the still. (it was a 145 proof sip).

I ended up getting a bottle of their Honey Shine, for a couple of reasons,  first it was quite tasty, and secondly I liked how he made it.

He took their regular moonshine, and added local honey in a contraption he made.

Those 4 things hanging are different stages in the process of his Honey Shine.  The lighter colored ones are just about ready to bottle. He said that you know its ready when you can see through it. 

If you're ever in downtown Bastrop, I recommend you stop by Copper Shot distilliery!

On my way back to B/CS, I decided to play some disc golf at a course I had never played in Caldwell.

It's an ok course, mostly following a jogging path around some woods. I didn't throw very well, but I did burn off some of the BBQ I had eaten earlier in the day.

NOTE: I made the shot through the thorns.

All and all a fun daytrip to Bastrop. I ended up burning over 5,000 calories, walking over 10 miles and climbing 53 floors, according to my fitibit.

Have a good one!


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