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My Top 5 Favorite Superbowl Commercials

I looked at the USA today Ad meter, and my top 5 favorite Superbowl commercials and their top 5 are quite different.  

I did'nt include movie trailers, because I don't consider those "Superbowl" commercials.

Otherwise, the Han Solo movie would have been top 5 for me, because I've been waiting for that trailer.

As for my favorites, at #5    The M&M Danny Devito ad

At #4, the Chris Pratt (as an extra) Michelob Ultra Commercial

My 3rd favorite Superbowl commercial was the Steven Tyler Kia commercial.  I like how he drove backwards, and went backwards in time...

At #2, The Avocado commercial.  I found it funny how they all panicked because the lack of chips(as I was eating a tortialla chip....)

And my favorite Superbowl commercial....David Harbour in the Tide ad.  After the 1st quarter, i texted some of my friends, and told them Tide was my favorite.. Then with all the other "Yep a Tide ad" commercials, I thought it was an outstanding campagin.

How did my top 5 get on the USA Today ad meter?

Tide ad  #16

Michelob  #42

Avocado #33

Kia #14

M&M #6

THEIR top 5

5) Toyota  - The ad about the paralympian 

4) Dorito/Mountain Dew lyp sync battle

3)   Budweiser  - they made water

2)  NFL ad- Eli Manning/Odel Beckum do "Dirty dancing"

1) Alexa gets sick and is replaced by celebs.

I liked those commercials, but just not in my top 5

As for the game.....uh....defense anyone???  Anyone??? Buehler???


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