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K.C. Wheeler

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I went Kayaking at Lake Somerville over the weekend

We had such good weather that I decided to go kayaking on Lake Somerville. 

I don't own a kayak, but thankfully they rent them.

It was 22 bucks for 2 hours of kayaking.   Getting into the park, and renting took longer than I expected. They had 1 person to deal with all the people going into the park. Some where just going to the park, others were camping, and I rented they kayak.

But once I got the things needed to rent the kayak, it was just a matter of unlocking the kayak and dragging it to the water before I start paddling

I used my GoPro to take some movies and screen shots. of my trip.  

 I was able to see some cool birds.

I also saw a bird on the water, that would occasionally dive under the water completely....I assume looking for a meal.  

There were also a fair amount people fishing on the shore.

I also had another creature that I saw....this one IN my kayak

Thankfully he stayed up front, as I asked him to....yes I talked to the spider.

All and all a fun trip enjoying the great outdoors. 


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