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K.C. Wheeler

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Happy Brothers Day

Happy Brothers Day!  It takes place May 24th

That's some pics of me and my brother doing some of things we like to do...visit breweries, hike, disc golf, a winter beer festival and a stop at the Jameson whiskey distillery!

Of course there are SEVERAL rock bands that have brothers. Here's a list of some of them

Allman Brothers - Duane & Greg

AC/DC - Angus & Malcom Young

Collective Soul - Ed & Dean Roland

Dire Straits - Mark & David Knopfler

Stone Temple Pilots - Robert & Dean DeLeo

Van Halen - Eddie & Alex

Black Crowes - Chris & Rich Robinson

INXS - Tom, Andrew & Jon Farriss

Kinks - Ray & Dave Davies

Creedence Clearwater Revival - John & Tom Fogerty

Oddly enough, the Doobie Brothers don't have any brothers in the band.

If I missed some, shoot me an email  KCWheeler@995thefox.com 


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