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My Weekend Fun

I took advantage of the 3-day weekend to have some fun!   Since I like kayaking, I bought a cheap (on sale) inflatable Kayak.   I went out to Lake Bryan yesterday morning to do some kayaking.

I paddled under the bridge that you drive over on the way into the park.

On that bridge are lots of bird nests. (see all the birds flying around)  I was grateful that they didn't relieve themselves on my head.

I did take a picture of some of their nests

I sat there and watched them fly in and out of those nests for several minutes.   As you can see with the zoomed in picture, they would often share a nest.

Kayaking out there was fun, EXCEPT that because I bought a cheap inflatable kayak, my back had VERY little support.  So even this morning, my back is sore.    I'm gonna see if I can find a better seat to put into the kayak before I take it out again.   

Another thing I did over the weekend was see the new Star Wars movie   Solo

I went to see it opening day, because I didn't want to accidentally see any spoilers.

As for the movie, I enjoyed it!    Is it a great movie...now....but it's a good movie. Plenty of action, and lots of callbacks to other star wars movies. (including a surprise character showing up)

I thought Donald Glover did a great job as Lando. In fact when I first heard his voice, I thought it sounded like Billy Dee Williams. ( I stayed through the credits to see if he did any voiceovers). 

Nope...all Donald Glover.

I hope the movie does well enough to warrant a sequel.

And I hope you had a good weekend!


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