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Styx/Joan Jett/Tesla Concert Review

Over the weekend, I went down to the Woodlands to see Styx/Joan Jett/Tesla. 

Tesla Stage

They put on a good show. 

When we got there, I noticed that Tesla’s singer Jeff Keith was out talking to someone in the crowd. Keith stood out because his teeth were VERY WHITE.  It seemed as if they almost glowed.

 After hugging the person he came out to see, he want backstage and changed….and then went on stage with his bandmates. 

 Tesla’s set started off slow, but finished  strong.  I figured they played their more popular songs last because  they were the first band playing, and people were still filing in. 

 The highlight for me was the guitar work on “Love Song”

It reminded of when Frank Hannon played with Dave Rude at Fitzwillys back in the day. (that was an awesome show!)

After Tesla, Joan Jett took the stage.

Joan Jett Woodlands

 She rocked it!  I felt sorry for her, because she  had to wear black in this Texas heat.  But that’s part of her “bad  reputation”.     The song I was hoping to hear, was “I hate myself for  loving you”, which she did!

Then it was time for Styx. 

All the members came out wearing coats…that only lasted 1 song in the Texas heat.  They played about 15-16 songs.

They played most of the songs I wanted to hear...and some I didn't expect.    They performed part of Bohemian Rhapsody....which lead into Come Sail Away

Another interesting thing about the show, was that that original bassist Chuck Panozzo  came out to play just a handful of songs.  I'm not sure if that was special for Houston or he only plays on a few shows each night.

For their encore, Styx played a song that they hadn't played in Texas in over 30 years...."Mr. Roboto.

All and all a fun show....THOUGH I do have some advice for anyone who buys tickets.    NEVER sit on the ends near the front.   Our seats were in row 2 of the 2nd section up from the stage...and seats 1 and 2.

The issue was that the CWMP has staff standing in the aisle, and the guy blocked my view of the most convenient screen for me to watch

View w/o

Just something to keep in mind when you buy seats.  

All and all it was a good show.  


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