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Happy National Tequila Day

Happy National Tequila Day!

A little history, tequila was first distilled in the 1500-1600's in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, so it's been around along time.

A couple of Xmas' ago, my brother and I did a tequila tasting, where we tried to find the smoothest tequila.

I had Patron, Cabo Wabo, Milagro, and a few others. We would sip the tequila from various shot glasses, and have a tournament of sorts...to see which one we liked the best.

The winner....

Fina Estampa Tequila

There are different types of the Fina Estampa Tequila, and the BLANCO is the best.  The good thing for me...it's cheaper than other tequilas I tasted.

The tasting I did, was just straight tequila.   For Margaritas, I just use whatever I have, and usually cheaper tequila.

Salud!   And Happy National Tequila Day!


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