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National Lighthouse Day!

One of the most photographed spots in Nova Scotia, is Peggys Lighthouse.  It's a lighthouse on the the coast with some beautiful views.  

It's a VERY Popular spot to see, in fact we were quite surprised that my brother was able to take this picture of me at the lighthouse with NO other people

Other than visiting the lighthouse, we did several hikes in Nova Scotia

One of the things we like to hike to, is waterfalls!   

To get to that 2nd waterfall, you have to either take the long trail up, or take the 175 steps up Jacobs Ladder.....then down some more steps(which you have to climb back up)

We didn't see a huge amount of wildlife on this trip, but we did see a few Bald Eagles.

Props to my niece for taking that picture from quite a bit away.  

We also saw a BABY Bald Eagle (note: they don't have a white head) while we were on our Kayak Trip.   We didn't get a good picture of that, because we only brought our GoPro's with us (since they can get wet).   

But my brother did get this pic!

Ocean Kayaking is different than Lake or River Kayaking.  I had my feet inside the kayak using foot pedals to control a rudder (which helped me go left or right)

Here's some other "Scenic" pictures from my vacation to Nova Scotia...


PROPS to Makenzie Noland, who's gonna graduate from Texas A&M for taking these Graduation pictures.    Petting a Gator?   Putting your Aggie Ring on it's Snout.    Impressive!


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