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KC Back from his Key Largo Scuba Diving trip

I wasn't on the air last week, because my brother and I went down to the Florida Keys for a scuba diving trip.

Every year for the past 5 years, my brother and I have been going to the same spot in the Florida Keys for a scuba diving trip.  We found a place to stay in Key Largo(which is only an hour or so from Miami), and we like the places we can scuba dive.   We have been using the same company, and see some of the same workers each year...in fact we sometimes see the same divers each year.

As for what we saw, we saw a Spotted Eagle Ray (the first time I've seen them), Sharks, Lobsters, and all kinds of tropical fish.

That's me with a pair of foureye butterfly fish. (the black dot on their tale is to try and fool predators in thinking that's their head).

My brother and I each have go pros, which we use to take videos underwater...the pole is so we can "Zoom in" on a fish.   All the underwater pictures, are screen shots from the movies. (unfortunately I can't upload my own movies to my blog)

Occasionally, we would run into big schools of fish (like the one above).  I would generally just swim right inside the school.  The yellow fish were BLUE STRIPED GRUNTS, while the spotted fish...is a STOPLIGHT PARROT fish.

In the dive sites of Key Largo there are a few man made items on the ocean floor.  There's a Christ Statue. (we tried to go there, but the conditions weren't good enough), a couple of ship wrecks, the former set of a James Bond Movie, and that Winch(see pic above).

There are several dive sites around that winch, and every year, my brother and I seem to find out way to that winch.

Underwater selfie....  

Normally, we have fantastic sunsets each night, right out side our hotel room, but unfortunately it was cloudy EVERY NIGHT we were there....that's the best we saw. 

I'll more on my Florida Keys vacation on tomorrows blog.

Thanks for reading!


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