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K.C. Wheeler

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More Fun from my Florida trip

(KC) During my Florida trip, I was able to try different beers!

After we landed in Miami, my brother and I went to the M.I.A. Beer company.  

I got the sampler, including the "Miami Weiss" beer...I love the can, so i bought one later.    They had several of their own beers, plus some "visiting" beers on tap.  The food was good too (as most brewpub food is good).  I'd recommend it, if you're ever in Miami.

I also like to stop at a local Beer/Liquor store to try and find some beer I haven't tried....also pick up some whiskey.    I saw the "ROCK and Rye" and had to pick up this

Another beer I picked up was this "Good Wood", which made me laugh...as my brother and I were wondering the Beer aisle, and I told him, "I've got the Good Wood" in the store.   You could really taste the bourbon in the beer.

After a day of diving, we went to the store to find some more beer....and this beer just made sense to us.

The Salt Life Lager is an easy drinking beer....and if you don't know  the Red Flag with the white stripe is a "Diving Flag"...Fun with flags huh?

One nice thing about the place we stayed, was that right next door was a bar that had live music everynight. 

In Fact, when I was drying my swimsuit, I was able to hear the band play...and they played "Thank You" from Led Zeppelin.  I was happy!

The bar also had these nice chairs.

I'm drinking a Yuengling Beer, as it's a beer I can get here in B/CS, and it's America's Oldest Brewery.


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