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(KC) Got to check out the NEW HEB

I had a chance to check out the new HEB, and it has some interesting features. It's got the usual things you find in other HEBs in town, but the new one on Wellborn/2818 seems to have more.

The Beer Section was good, and the WINE Section looked like it had an automated Wine Tasting area.

There were people standing there, and I didn't want to take the time to try it out, but it looks like you can sample some of 6-8 wines before you buy them.  The sign said you had to see an associate, so I'm guessing you can "Try" the same wine 40 times at a sitting... :)   

The HEB also had a little restaurant looking area, with Food you could get for lunch/dinner and a couple of tables and a big screen TV to watch while you eat.

And...in the front of the store they had their "Gigem Gear" area.

I walked up and down EVERY aisle in the store, just to see what they had.   I also checked some prices of items I usually buy (at other stores).   Some were the same price, some were cheaper, and some were more expensive.    Personally, I'm glad it opened up, because the other HEBs in town aren't very convenient for me to shop.

As for the area, I only saw 1 other business in the strip mall next to the HEB, but I'd expect other businesses to open soon.    


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