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Texas Renaissance Festival Visit!

Over the holiday weekend, I was able to stop by the Texas Renaissance Festival.   Thankfully it was a nice day!  One of the acts I like to see is Tartanic.  They're bagpipes and drums, and they rocked.  In the past I've heard them play snippets of "We're not gonna take it" from Twisted Sister and  "We Will Rock You" from Queen. They didn't play those this time, but they did rock! And they had a huge crowd around them for their performance

Another artist I saw was Saxon Moon. They didn't rock as much as Tartanic, but they brought another element with them....FIRE!   During the first song, the woman was swinging around fireballs on chains....then during the song pictured below, she had a fire Hula Hoop.   It was quite impressive.

Another thing I did was do a beer tasting at Brigadoon Brewery and Brew School I always like stopping by there and learning more about beer....and of course tasting it.   

By the way, Brigadoon Brewery has a location in Pasadena Texas, where they have a tap room!

Now that the RenFest is done, they'll be opening that back up soon. HEAD HERE for more on the brewery

Another band I saw was "Drones and Drums".  They were just 1 guy on drums, and 1 guy on bagpipes, but they started out with a Christmas medley...and later took requests.

Some guy requested "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll".   So.....they actually played the bagpipe part....which isn't much.         He had said he knew it because he performed it with an AC/DC cover band.

Another fun day at the RenFest.

Hope you had a good weekend!


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