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I went to a park to see the special flyover.

I went out to a park to get a good view of the special 21 plane flyover to honor President George H.W. Bush.

When I got to the park, (about 15 minutes before the flyover was supposed to happen), there was already a couple of people looking up at the sky wanting to see the flyover.   By the same it happened there were more than a dozen people in the park just to get a good view of the flyover

When I heard they were going to be doing the salute with 21 planes in a missing man formation, I assumed that all 21 planes would be flying in one big formation....turns out that wasn't the case.  

I heard the planes before I saw them....and then just one flew by, and I was confused....but then there were groups of four planes flying.

It was loud and cool to see.

A very appropriate tribute to the former WWII Fighter pilot.

I watched a bit of the ceremony of his arrival on TV, before I went to the park.  I was proud to see how many people showed up despite the rainy/gloomy weather.

Yet another reason I'm proud to be an aggie.


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