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My Holiday Vacation pt. 1

Over the holiday break, I was able to spend time with my family.  I picked my brother up from the airport down in Houston, and since I made the drive down to Houston, we stopped off at a brewpub for a sampler.

We hit City Acre Brewing, a brewery I had never been to before.

There beers were good, and they also had really good food!   My brother and I also hit a disc golf course in Conroe before coming back to B/CS.    

The next day, we went with a friend of mine BACK to Houston...this time to Saint Arnolds Brewery.  (the 3 of this have visited Saint Arnold's several times before).

This time, we wanted to check out their new Beer Garden!

They have both indoor and outdoor seating, games, as well as a food menu. 

The beer menu at the beer garden was bigger than it was in the brewery, but we still went to the brewery for a sampler because  they happened to have free pictures with Santa, so my brother and I had to get our picture taken.

After Saint Arnolds, we went to a place that I had never been before....Top Golf.

It's like a driving range on steroids. 

Please not criticisms of my swing, I hadn't swung a club in a couple of years.  

Top Golf was an interesting place. They had 3 levels of tees", where you could hit golf balls.    As you can see in the pic, they have several "greens" for you to aim for.   

Also, they show the flight of your golf ball and all the stats (just like they do on TV)

They also had different games you could play IF all players had an account. It costs $5 to create an account, so just one of us created an account, and we all hit off of one account. 

It was a fun experience.  I'd recommend it for any level of golfers. (and you don't need any clubs to play, as they provide them)

The next day, I took my brother to one our local breweries...New Republic.

It was a nice day, so we took our samplers outside.   our favorite that day was the Ale Mary.

3 breweries in 3 days....unfortunately that's all we were able to hit during my brother's stay.

We did have a fun time, and I'll blog more about it tomorrow...including our visit to Moody Gardens.


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