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My Holiday Vacation Pt. 2

Over the Holidays, the family & I went down to Moody Gardens for a day.   

One of the special things going on, was ICELAND.     Where they had ice shipped down from Bryan, and icecarvers from China carved out various ice sculptures.

The theme this year was Pole to Pole.

With your admission to ICELAND  you were able to use a Blue Parka....unfortunately it didn't include gloves, and the pockets of the parka I got were sewn shut.   So my hands were freezing most of the time.

Another thing they have inside the Iceland is the Shivers BAR....which I HAD to visit.

In order to keep the ice sculptures from melting, they have to keep the whole area at just 9 degrees.

Also at the bar area, they had tables and chairs....but not your typical table and chairs....they were made of ICE.    When I sat down I tried to make sure I sat on the parka.

Another holiday thing they have at Moody Gardens is the Festival of Lights.  It's a walking trail of various holiday lights.    My Favorite parts were the light tunnels you walked through, and the light trees.

Of course we also went to the Rainforest Pyramid

The Aquarium pyramid

We also did the 4-d theater (of Rudolph) the 3d Theater and the SpongeBob adventure. 

All and all it was a fun day, but there is ALOT to do at Moody Gardens, so we were exhausted when we got back to B/CS.

Hope you had a good holiday season!   Here's to more adventures is 2019


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