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Some different Beers I tried over the Holidays

Over the Holidays, my brother & I tried some different beers.  

We hadn't tried this version of Iron Maiden's beer, so that was a no-brainer

For Christmas, our sister got each of us the "Lump of Coal" beer.   In general, I'm not a big fan of stouts, but this one wasn't bad.

Another Beer my sister got us Resilience .   This is a beer whose proceeds help out those affected by the California wild fires.    The recipe was created by Sierra Nevada, BUT shared with several other breweries (including St. Arnolds).    

My sister had a friend who somehow got the recipe and made a batch.    It's an IPA beer, which I'm not a fan of (too hoppy for me), BUT it's for a good cause so I had some.

A couple other beers we tried (that we found at Specs down in Houston) was Back Pew's "Black Habit"  and The Amber lager from Live Oak.   I'm a big fan of the Live Oak beers...I wish we got it here in B/CS.

Anyway...have a good weekend!    Slainte!


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