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My Favorite Superbowl Commercials

Here's my top 5 Favorite Superbowl Commercials from last night.

#1 for me (#16 on USA Today Ad meter) was the Bud Light Game of Thrones crossover commercial. I thought it was just a regular bud light commercial, than GOT took over...A big fan of the crossover!

#2 for me was the NFL 100 year game commercial. I liked that they used NFL players from all eras.

#3 The Stella Artois commercial. (I never watched Sex in the City, but liked THE DUDE's appearance....and the quick "Most interesting Man in the World" cameo

#4 for me was the Amazon Alexa commercial. I liked the use of Queen 's "Don't Stop me Now" and Harrison Ford's problem with his dog.

And my #5 best Superbowl Commercial, was one that played in the 1st quarter....the Jason Bateman elevator "Hyundai" commercial.....Beetloaf cracked me up. (and almost made me throw up)

As for the USA Today Ad Meter rankings..

#1 NFL 100 ad

#2 Amazon Alexa - Harrison Ford

#3 Microsoft - We All Win

#4 Hyundai Elevator

#5 - Coach will be here first responders (Verizon)


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