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Pics/Video from my Outdoor Adventures in Michigan

If you were wondering why i wasn't on the air Friday or Monday, it's because I took a mini-vacation up to visit my brother in Michigan. I have been going up every year for awhile now to help celebrate his birthday.

One of the fun things we did was to go snow tubing.

Snow tubing was a lot of fun! We could go down the hill connected (one holds on to the other's handle strap) or separate or one at a time.They also had a conveyor belt type system, so you didn't have to walk up the hill. And they had shaped the hill so that there were 4 lanes to go down, and some areas where you could possible jump.

The temperature was in the 20s at the time, but there wasn't much wind, and we had bundled up so it wasn't too bad.

In fact my hat, I could pull down over my face if needed. I didn't need to, but I did once because it's a Chewbacca hat.

Another fun thing we did on my trip to Michigan was play some Winter Disc Golf

We played 3 different courses the 3 full days I was there. Thankfully, I didn't lose a disc....as we were smart to play with brightly colored discs

I was happy I played well, as I won 2 of the 3 courses we played.

That putt I had throw it between the trees to get in the basket.

The last outdoor thing we did was take a walk ON the lake near where my brother lives.

Walking on the lake was very cold, because I wasn't wearing my brother's extra winter coat....just my fleece because we were on our way to the airport.

All and all it was a fun trip....on tomorrow's blog, I'll tell you about some of the indoor things we did....hint a few brewpubs!


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