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Not Sure I Would Get My Taxes Done At This Place

When I went to Firkin Fest in Downtown Bryan this past weekend, I parked facing the building above. I wonder if they're any good...I mean...they save money on exterior decorating....so maybe they could be GREAT at saving someone money....OR....they're not very good and this is the best office they could get. The banquet table as a front door isn't a good sign


Anyway...onto the Firkin Fest. A firkin, for those who don't know is a small barrel of beer. A lot of times, when brewers are trying out new things, they'll make them using a firkin instead of creating gallons and gallons of an experimental beer.

SO...at the festival I tried several interesting beers

Here are some of the beers I tried...

A VANILLA version of the Skylight from New Republic...that was quite tasty

A CHERRY version of the Black Plague from Brigadoon Brewery. (The RenFest Brewer) Probably my favorite...I had 2 "samples"...

A HIBISCUS BLONDE from Southern Star.

A BOYSENBERRY Haterade from 8th Wonder (a berry sour)

Girls Night Out COMBINED with Hazy IPA from Blackwater Draw

and...an IRISH CAR BOMB from No Label

It's been awhile since I've had an irish car bomb drink, so I don't know how similar the taste was...but the beer was good.

They also had several IPA's, but since I'm not an IPA fan, I shied away from those.

All and All a fun time trying interesting beers.


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