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Game of Thrones OREOS now available

I can be such a sucker for merchandising.

I saw those Game of Thrones Oreos on an endcap, and put them in my bag for purchase. NOte: They weren't in the cookie section with the OTHER oreos

Now...thankfully I do know when to draw the line.....sure I bought the $3 oreos....but I haven't bought the $60 Game of Thrones Whiskey.

Though in the past I have bought the $9 big bottle of Game of Thrones beer....but that was for a special occasion.

It is amazing how many things are tying their brand to Game of Thrones.....I mean...sure beer & whiskey are consumed in the show....BUT oreos?

Anyway...the show returns Sunday night.....and HBO2 has been running a marathon of previous seasons this week....which has caused me to go to bed later than I normally would.

Oh well...should be an interesting final season.


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