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My Monthly DayTrip

On Saturday, since we had such good weather, I took a daytrip over to Lake Conroe.

I first stopped by the Cagle Recreational Area, and hiked about 3 miles along Lake Conroe. (This was on the North end of the lake)

There were quite a bit of boats on the lake with people fishing. I never saw anyone catch anything, but I did see some fish jump.

I also saw signs of our recent storms, with a very big tree knocked over.

For some perspective as to how big the tree was, here's a pic of me standing next to the uprooted part.

A nice little area by the lake. They had several campsites and picnic tables for people to use, and 2 loading areas for boats to get on the lake.

After hiking around the area, I then drove closer to Conroe and played a round of Disc Golf at John Burge Park.

I didn't do too well, because every hole was in the woods, so all the shots had to be precise.

But it was a nice day for a walk in the woods....and their tee boxes were labeled nicely, so it was easy to navigate

I ended walking another 3 miles at the disc golf course, and after 6 miles of hiking, I was thirsty....so I found a brewpub.

The Copperhead brewery is just about a mile off of I-45.

Unfortunately they didn't sell samplers, so I just tried a couple of their beers

I tried the "Bite Me" and the "Lil Winston".

The Bite Me, was a Blonde Lager, that I liked so much, I bought some to take home.

The "Lil Winston" was named after the corgi dog they had at the brewery. (it actually barked at me once I walked in the door...but it seemed friendly enough) .The beer was good too.

All and all a fun little day trip just an hour or so out of town.

I like to take the daytrips at least once a month, just to experience something new.


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