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Got an Ace playing Disc Golf!

Friday after work, I played 18 holes of disc golf in College Station.

And....on the 5th hole I got an ACE(like a hole in one in golf). It was a crazy throw, the disc actually skipped off the ground and went into the basket! I've circled the basket in red in the picture below. It's the 2nd time I've aced that hole in my life, and my 5th ace overall! Definitely a fun feeling!

I like to play disc golf a couple of times a week for exercise. The course I played on Friday was off Harvey Road. I aced the 5th hole.

If you're not familiar with disc golf, it's similar to regular golf. You throw the disc as many as times as needed to get into the basket. You can play with just 1 disc, but there are different types of discs for different types of shots. Some discs will fly further than others, while some are better for closer shots.

I played again on Saturday at Research Park (no aces this time) .

I don't play there very often, because of all the water where you could lose a disc. See how close I got to the water in the pic above. (although i did make the next shot to get a birdie)

One reason I do like to play Research Park, is there are some more open shots that are longer, so I can try to let it fly as far as I can.

Here's one of the areas I had to walk through that I thought looked cool.

Disc golf is fun sport to play, and fairly inexpensive. The courses in B/CS are free to play, you just need a disc to throw. If you're interested, the College Station Walmart has some discs, as does Academy.

Hope you had a good weekend


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