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My Visit to Fredericksburg

Over the weekend, I took a trip to Fredericksburg. It's about 3 or so hours away from B/CS, and has lots of things to do for tourists.

About 20 minutes north of Fredricksburg, is Enchanted Rock State Park. I like to go out there and do some hiking.

The main trail, is the climb to the top. It goes up about 400 ft in about 3/4 of a mile.

I got there early in the morning, so I missed the crowds and the hot weather, a double win for me! I also was able to see some wildlife.

Check out this tarantula!

When I go hiking, I carry a little dinosaur to give perspective when I take a picture. The spider was making it's way in a certain direction, so I put the dinosaur in it's path. It inspected it for a bit, and then went on it's merry way.

After making my way down from Enchanted rock, I did the Echo Canyon trail. which goes along side Enchanted Rock.

I hiked about 3 miles that day, and burned some calories...which I needed to because of my next couple of stops.

I went to the Altstadt Brewery for lunch. The place is HUGE!

It was more like mansion, then a brewery/restaurant. I ate lunch in the big hall. And of course got a beer sampler.

Another interesting thing about Frederickburg, is the number of wineries in the area. It seemed like there were at least 50 wineries within 20 miles.

One winery name struck my fancy.

I did a wine tasting there....which included a strawberry wine called "Strawberry Fields" after the Beatles song.

All and all a fun trip!


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