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My Scotland Visit Blog 4: Castles!

Some of the things my brother and I were looking for when we were driving around Scotland...were Castles.

Probably the most famous castle we went to, was the Eilean Donan Castle.

The Eilean Donan Castle was where they shot the film Highlander! Also the James Bond Movie, The World is Not Enough was shot there as well.

Unfortunately, we didn't look at the tidal charts when we planned the trip, so there wasn't much water under the bridge.

Inside the castle, there were several THIN walkways.

It was a fun castle to walk around, although it was quite full of people. We had to work hard to take pictures with only US in the frame.

I mentioned that the castle was used for filming the movie "Highlander"...but it WASN'T the castle of the McCloud clan. We randomly ran into a castle that was once owned by the McClouds.

That was outside one of the Whisky distilleries we stop by (See Scotland blog 3). Unfortunately, the castle was LOST by the McClouds to the clan McDonald. (not the fast food restaurant)

One of the bigger castles we saw was the Edinburgh Castle.

Despite staying nearby the castle, we didn't go inside for a couple of reasons. One, it cost 20 bucks to go inside...and secondly it was very crowded. (see the line in the pic below)

We did find a couple of castles that were FREE to visit. The Drumin Castle was small but fun to check out

Despite being half missing, we could go up to the 2nd level.

Another FREE castle we visited was the Dunscaith Castle....though that took driving 10 miles on a One Lane Two-way road. (occasionally there were passing areas).

The castle was on the coast, and we had to hike through some scenic landscapes to get there.

Unfortunately we couldn't go inside the castle, because the bridge leading to the stairs....was a big EMPTY HOLE.

I was able to set up a tripod so we could take a picture with the castle. (though I did have to run up the hill and pose within 10 seconds)

Probably our favorite castle to visit was the Urquhart Castle

There were several areas that you could explore inside the castle. Check out these pics of 2 different perspectives

Thankfully we got there just as it opened, so we didn't have the crowds. (although a tour bus pulled up as we arrived). Also FYI the TV show OUTLANDER has filmed there.

It's fun wandering through the old ruins of castles. Imagining what it was like living there hundres of years ago.

On my next Scotland blog, I"ll have some pics/stories of the hiking we did.


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